MINDers at Mont Terri

The MIND project was invited to hold a session at the TD-315 Joint BN, GD, HT MA meeting in Saint Ursanne, February 7. A good number of MINDers represented the project with presentations and discussions with stakeholders. The session was chaired by Joe Small, NNL and the general introduction to the session was given by […]

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Invitation to MIND partners

We are pleased to kindly invite you to contribute to the session “Biogeochemical processes at the microbe/clay interface and their synergy with radionuclide/organic interactions” at the XVI International Clay Conference (ICC), ICC 2017. The conference will be held from July 17 to 21, 2017 in Granada, Spain. We would like to remind you that the deadline […]

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Microbiology and disposal of radioactive wastes, October 2016

Between 24th and 28th of October 2016 Micans taught a course about how microorganisms can influence future final repositories for radioactive waste.Six participants from across Europe attended the course. For more information, please see: The photo shows Methanosarcina barkeri visualised using FISH, fluorecent in situ hybridisation, using the CY-3 DNA probe specific for Archaea. Photo: Linda Johansson.

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Newsletter September 2016

The second newsletter from the MIND-project is now available. Content of this Newsletter: 1.Work Package 1: ILW Organic Polymer Degradation 2.Work Package 2: HLW Waste Form Degradation 3.Work Package 3: Evaluating and Sharing the Knowledge 4.Work Package 4: Project Management Download the newsletter.

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Exchange opportunities

A new section has been introduced on the website – Exchange Opportunities. In this section you will find the exchange opportunities in microbiology and nuclear waste that is available within the MIND-project. You will reach the new section via a new headline in the topmenu. Exchange opportunities    

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