7.3.2011 VLJ matala- ja keskiaktiivinen jätä loppusijoitustutkimusta

VLJ-repository in Olkiluoto

Low- and intermediate-level operating waste generated at the Olkiluoto power plant is finally disposed of in the VLJ-repository. It was commissioned in 1992 and consists of two rock silos, a hall connecting the two and auxiliary facilities constructed at a depth of 60-100 meters inside the bedrock. Low-level waste is deposited in the rock silo […]

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Minican 1

Äspö HRL

The Äspö  HRL (hard rock laboratory) outside Oskarshamn is a unique facility. SKB is conducting full-scale research and development here in preparation for the construction of a final repository for spent nuclear fuel. Microbial studies have been done for almost three decades at Äspö HRL by national as well as international groups.

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