Microbiology and disposal of radioactive wastes, October 2016

Between 24th and 28th of October 2016 Micans taught a course about how microorganisms can influence future final repositories for radioactive waste.Six participants from across Europe attended the course. For more information, please see: The photo shows Methanosarcina barkeri visualised using FISH, fluorecent in situ hybridisation, using the CY-3 DNA probe specific for Archaea. Photo: Linda Johansson.

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Newsletter September 2016

The second newsletter from the MIND-project is now available. Content of this Newsletter: 1.Work Package 1: ILW Organic Polymer Degradation 2.Work Package 2: HLW Waste Form Degradation 3.Work Package 3: Evaluating and Sharing the Knowledge 4.Work Package 4: Project Management Download the newsletter.

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Exchange opportunities

A new section has been introduced on the website – Exchange Opportunities. In this section you will find the exchange opportunities in microbiology and nuclear waste that is available within the MIND-project. You will reach the new section via a new headline in the topmenu. Exchange opportunities    

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