Project Annual Meeting

The EU-project MIND (Microbiology In Nuclear waste Disposal) will have its first Project Annual Meeting (PAM) which is scheduled to take place in Granada on the 2nd to 4th of May at the University of Granada. The meeting include a pre-meeting workshop covering key technical aspects of working with nucleic acids and clays intended as […]

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7.3.2011 VLJ matala- ja keskiaktiivinen jätä loppusijoitustutkimusta

VLJ-repository in Olkiluoto

Low- and intermediate-level operating waste generated at the Olkiluoto power plant is finally disposed of in the VLJ-repository. It was commissioned in 1992 and consists of two rock silos, a hall connecting the two and auxiliary facilities constructed at a depth of 60-100 meters inside the bedrock. Low-level waste is deposited in the rock silo […]

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Minican 1

Äspö HRL

The Äspö  HRL (hard rock laboratory) outside Oskarshamn is a unique facility. SKB is conducting full-scale research and development here in preparation for the construction of a final repository for spent nuclear fuel. Microbial studies have been done for almost three decades at Äspö HRL by national as well as international groups.

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