MIND session:  Biogeochemical processes at the microbe/clay interface and their synergy with radionuclide/organic  interactions.

Miguel Angel Ruiz Fresneda, PhD student working in the MIND Project, was awarded by Carl- Zeiss Company with the excellent presentation at the 10th International Biometals Symposium 2016 in Dresden, Germany. He presented the results obtained in the MIND Project.

Biometals certificate and abstract (pdf)

  • 16 hours theory + 14 hours exercises/lab sessions/visits
  • Learning outcomes determined following the ECVET principles
  • Pilot session October 24-28, 2016 in Mölnlycke,Sweden by MICANS
  • 6 participants from Finland, the Czech Republic, France and Switzerland
  • Very good response !

PhD students and postdocs with a couple undergraduates, most were geologists and biologists. MICANS

WP1 leader’s presentation of the CORI project.


Coordinator’s presentation of MIND at the  IGD-TP Exchange Forum in London 2015, November 4.

IGDTP MIND Presentation November 4_2015_Final

GeoRepNet, or the Geological Repository Network, is a network funded by the STFC Futures Programme (UK) to investigate the major scientific and technical challenges in the establishment and monitoring of geological repositories. The network comprises six workpackages that address the geophysical, geochemical and biological challenges of establishing and operating geological repositories and investigate methods of monitoring geological repositories.


Poster presenting the work SCK-CEN will do in MIND

2015_KWouters_Poster MIND_SCK

    • Graduate students and scientists
    • Lecture about how microorganisms can both positively and negatively influence a final repository for spent nuclear fuel. Emphasized, among other things, the importance of being pro-active, meaning that one must prevent negative effects of microbial activity through smart and well thought out solutions of barriers and containments.

MIND Presentation – Exchange Forum, IGDTP, Prague, 2017